What is the CPC(HC)?

The Certified Professional in CPD (Healthcare) credential is a formal designation for those engaged professionally in the discipline of CPD; in creating and offering CPD programs. The credential is awarded by the Coalition for Physician Learning and Practice Improvement (The Coalition).

“This credential provides national recognition for CPD developers and providers. It signals their core competencies in designing, implementing and evaluating educational interventions that improve practice. Excited to see how this enhances CPD in the coming years.”

Dr. Brenna Lynn, Associate Dean, UBC Continuing Professional Development (UBC CPD)

Who is it for, and how do I get it?

The CPC(HC) recognizes the achievement of those engaged in CPD as leaders, program developers, researchers and administrators, whether physicians or non-physicians. It allows more experienced CPD professionals to be recognized through the Leadership Route, and others to build on their expertise and be recognized through the Certificate Route.

Tell me more about exactly who is eligible for this credential.

How do I apply?

You’ll find the CPC(HC) application form here on this website. You can submit the form and required supporting documents, as well as pay the application fee on the same website.

Tell me more about the Leadership Route…

Senior CPD professionals in Canada with significant experience and a demonstrated track record of achievement in CPD are eligible to apply through this route. Although there is no minimum, most successful applicants have been working in the field for 10 years or more.

Applicants will present their accomplishments in CPD and their professional development in this domain, along with a personal statement and written assessments from three referees.

The application will address CPD leadership achievements that have been impactful in any or all of the following areas:

I don’t think that would apply to me. How about the Certificate Route?

Individuals who complete both the CPD Foundations and the Leading and Influencing Change in CPD programs offered by the CPD Department of the Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto -or- an equivalent certificate program (as assessed by the Credential Review Committee) will meet the criteria for the CPC(HC) through the Certificate Route. You will also need to complete an application form, submit a short statement and provide written assessments from three referees.

Honorary Lifetime Achievement Award

The award honours outstanding leaders who have made significant contributions to the advancement in the quality and the impact of Continuing Professional Development over the span of their career. They represent some of the influential minds in the field and are recognized as pioneers in the community.


How would having this credential benefit me?

Why is the CPC(HC) Credential important for CPD in general?

When you obtain the CPC(HC) you will join a community of like-minded individuals looking to further the discipline of CPD across Canada and the world. These individuals, like you, are engaged in CPD and believe in its value in enhancing the quality and impact of the care provided by physicians and other providers.

How and when will my application be reviewed?

Your application will be reviewed for completeness and then sent to the CPC(HC) Review Committee of the Coalition where it will be assessed by your CPD peers. Recommendations will be made to the Coalition Leadership Team for approval. Applications will be reviewed twice per year.

What are the application deadlines?

The deadline for the Spring review is May 1 at 11:59 pm Eastern. The deadline for the Fall review is November 30 at 11:59 pm Eastern. All required documents and payment must be submitted by these dates to be considered.

Application Fee

The application fee (non-refundable) for the Credential will be $475 plus applicable fees (2022 & 2023) and be made online with Visa and Mastercard.

Awarding the Credential

Successful applicants will receive a certificate (if present) and be recognized at the annual National CPD Accreditation Conference, hosted jointly by the Royal College and College of Family Physicians of Canada. A list of all CPC(HC) holders will also be listed on the Coalition website.

Maintaining the Credential

CPC(HC) holders will need to demonstrate their ongoing professional activity in the field of CPD through a declaration every five years of their work and evidence of professional development in this domain. These attestations will be simple and narrative in nature and submitted electronically, to be reviewed by the CPC(HC) Credential Committee. There is a renewal fee of $150 plus applicable fees every 5 years from the date of being awarded the credential.