CPD Certified Professional CPC(HC) Credential

The goal of the Certified Professional in CPD CPC(HC) credential is to enhance the quality and impact of CPD activities and strengthen the discipline of CPD. It accomplishes this by recognizing the professional development and achievement of those engaged in CPD as leaders, program developers, researchers and administrators, whether physicians or non-physicians.

This credential is available through a Certificate Route or by a Leadership Route, which is the focus of this application.

The CPC(HC) credential is awarded through the Leadership Route to applicants who can meet the following requirements:

  1. They are senior CPD professionals in Canada with significant experience and a demonstrated track record of achievement in CPD as a leader in CPD, including its development, delivery or scholarship; and
  2. Evidence of the impact of their achievements in CPD leadership provided in their own declaration and in the assessment of peer referees.

The application will address CPD leadership achievements that have been impactful in any or all of the following areas:

Certificate Route

This route is available to eligible individuals who successfully complete both the CPD Foundations and the Leading and Influencing Change in CPD Programs offered by the CPD Department of the Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto OR other certificate programs judged to be equivalent.

The Certificate Route to the CPC(HC) credential is based on a candidate successfully completing both of these programs. It is expected that this route will be defined more broadly as the credential matures, to recognize international and Canadian programs as they become available.