The Physician Learning and Practice Improvement Community of Interest is an online community for CPD providers, leaders, administrators, accreditors and patient partners. This online community, was launched in October 2019 by the Coalition and is hosted on the Canadian Medical Association’s Communities of Interest online portal.  

Why join? 

To interact and learn from others who have a passion for CPD; to get your questions answered and to help others with theirs; to improve your and your colleagues’ practices in CPD development and leadership; to help build up the CPD community in Canada and beyond.

Who can join?

We invite physicians and non-physicians with a passion for CPD and practice improvement to join.

How do I join?

Go to our community homepage on the CMA website. You do not have to be a CMA member to participate but you will need to create an account on to access the community. If you are a physician, you will need your CMA ID number.

Our shared vision

This online space is a place where the Canadian CPD community can connect with each other and advance the quality and impact of CPD across the country. Our goal is to create the conversations and support the initiatives that help build a CPD system in Canada that supports physician learning and practice improvement. Our vision is a system that is responsive to patient and community needs, based on evidence and practice data, and is oriented towards meaningful improvements in physician practice and patient outcomes.